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Allentown, PA

During the 1990's I bought a Hound Dog lure retriever. Every time I had to use the Hound Dog I was frustrated having to untangle the cord and put it away. I finally stopped using the dog and tried a collapsible pole, but it was only good for shallow hang-ups.

Then I discovered the Auto-Trieve. What a wonderful, time saving, device! No more cord tangles, no more wasting time wrapping the cord up after use; the Auto-Trieve automatically wound the cord up and stored it out of sight.

When I sold the boat in 2005, I removed the Auto-Trieve and installed it in my new boat. I am still using the same Auto-Trieve today.

Currently, I have a new boat on order, so I ordered a new Auto-Trieve. I plan to move the original Auto-Trieve to the new boat so that I’ll have two Auto-Trieves on the front deck. One on each side, eliminating the need to position the boat to the side with the Auto-Trieve mounted to retrieve hung lures.

During the nearly 30 years that I have owned the Auto-Trieve, I have undoubtedly saved over several thousand dollars’ worth of lures. Without a doubt, the Auto-Trieve is one of the best investments a fisherman can add to his boat.

William Hiller


I just got mine on the boat but iam sure it will work great . I have heard nothing but good things about this auto trieve set up and the gentleman that makes them.i will let you know more after I start Using it and saving money to buy more lures.

Kevin Homan

Laurie, Mo

The auto-trieve is absolutely the best thing for retrieving your lures since the hound-dog itself. By having it mounted to the front deck area of my boat, it's always available but yet neatly out of the way of my feet and rods/reels. It is so easy to use and doesn't required a third hand to use and the string doesn't get wrapped around every thing on my deck. Great idea, great product.



I have tried many others out there and there is no others that even come close to comparing to the Auto-Trieve and Hound Dog lure retriever.

Gerald Boyd

Doe Run Mo.

A fantastic addition to my boat that paid for itself within the first two hours of using it. This is a well built quality tool that has already saved me a fortune in bait replacement. GREAT PRODUCT

Rusty Ridge

Festus Mo

Bob Hughed

Lampe mo

Best retriever out there.

Bryan Hulsey


Amazing product,durable and works perfectly,the only one person operation out there,saved me 1000s of dollars already.

Jason Huskey

Park Hills, MO

It’s a must have unless you like breaking off expensive or one of a kind baits...??

Jason Huskey

Park Hills, MO

Michael Johnson

St. Louis Missouri

I love this little contraption so far. It has saved me so much time! Highly recommend.



I’ve been using mine for over 10 years and there’s no telling how much money I’ve saved.

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