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Snagged lures can be saved over 90% of the   time. Let the Auto-Trieve automaticaly wind the string for you by mounting the AUTO-TRIEVE in your boat keeping your lure retriever handy and ready to use at all times. To mount the AUTO-TRIEVE, carefully choose where you want to place the AUTO-TRIEVE, drill a 1/2" hole in the deck of your boat. Remove the decorative nut and one washer (do not remove the plastic holder attached to the end of the string). Adjust the jam nut to leave at least 1/2" of threads sticking above the boat deck. From underneath your boat deck insert the AUTO-TRIEVE and replace the washer and decorative nut. Carefully tighten the nut (do not over tighten), and attach your favorite lure retriever the the string.

If you would like to keep your AUTO-TRIEVE portable, simply place it under your foot or use a rod holder to hold it in place

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