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1.  Do lure retrievers really work?     (A) Yes. With a little practice you can save your snagged lure well over 90% of the time.

2.  What lures will a lure retriever work on?     (A) We recommend the Hound Dog lure retriever because it is effective on all types of baits, even A-rigs and Carolina rigs.

​3.  Is the Auto-Trieve waterproof?     (A) Yes. All components are stainless steel aluminum or plastic.

4. How much line is on the Auto-Trieve?     (A) There is over 40 feet of 320 lb. test nylon string.

5.  Is the Auto-Trieve made in the USA?    (A) Yes, all components are made and assembled in the USA. 

6.  How long has the Auto-Trieve been available?     (A) We have been making the Auto-Trieve since 1999 and have satisfied customers all over the United States.


7.  Is it guaranteed?     (A)  Yes, there is a 1-year money back guarantee and 5-year free replacement.  


If you have any other questions please contact us so we can answer them for you as well as add them to this list to help others.




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