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Attach your favorite lure retriever to the string of the AUTO-TRIEVE and start saving those expensive lures.  After saving your bait with a lure retriever the AUTO-TRIEVE will automatically and neatly wind the string on a spool until you are ready to use it again.   The AUTO-TRIEVE easily mounts in any boat or can be left unmounted (see pictures below).  For unmounted use, you can place a foot on the AUTO-TRIEVE or use a rod saver to hold it in place.  Unmounted, it is portable and easy to carry with you.



Allow you to quickly recover your bait


Do away with tangled string in the bottom of your boat

Relieve the frustration caused by lure hang-ups                               

Eliminate time spent looking for your lure retriever

Increase fishing time for tournament anglers

Lure retrieval is just like anything else, the more you do it the better you get.  Many different types of lure retrievers are made but they all basically work the same. The HOUND DOG Lure Retriever is unique because of its ability to save all types of baits including Carolina rigs, plus its simple attachment to the fishing line.  To save your snagged lure you attach a lure retriever (lead weight) to your fishing line, slide it down to your snagged lure and repeatedly strike the lure until the hooks are dislodged.  All types of baits can be saved.  Single hooks are easiest such as; spinner baits, worms, and jigs.  Treble hook baits sometimes require a couple extra strikes with the lure retriever but can almost always be saved.   Basically if you can hit the snagged lure with the lure retriever it CAN be saved. 


     $$$$  START SAVING MONEY NOW  $$$$   

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